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Engagement Model

LDP helps organizations, L&D practitioners and training providers
in their different L&D interventions through its 7 core areas of expertise.


We Do It!

In this partnership model, LDP supports you in any of its 7 L&D areas of expertise by an on-the-ground application.


You Do It!

In this partnership model, LDP helps to develop your L&D capabilities through enrolling your staff in one or more of the Academy’s modules.

Areas of Expertise



LDP conducts LNA, detects the
learning needs and priorities among
different levels, recommends learning
solutions and provides an implementation plan.
You participate in a case-based
workshop, that gives you the opportunity
to apply the 7 steps of LNA on different
levels, LIVE!
LDP assesses your needs to create
accurate learning objectives, covering
different learning styles and using a
well-structured and easy-to-use lesson plan.
You practice developing a program plan
based on adult learning principles and
learning styles theories.
LDP develops full training program
packages including facilitation manuals,
participant handouts, activities and
PPT slide deck.
You participate designing learning
activities and developing full training
packages including facilitation manuals
and supporting kits.
LDP's experienced facilitators help
organizations in the delivery of training
workshops in the areas of interpersonal
skills, leadership and management.
You participate in an interactive
workshop based on teach-backs,
during which you develop your
presentation and facilitation skills LIVE!
LDP's coaches conduct performance
coaching sessions with senior and
middle managers, as per the need.
You participate in a role-play based
workshop during which you practice the
skills and learn the process needed to
conduct one-on-one performance coaching sessions.
LDP helps organizations create a
learning culture internally by designing a
process to select and develop in-house
trainers and coaches.
You get enrolled in a workshop, where
you learn how to design an internal training academy,
build a coaching culture, select and develop in-house
trainers and coaches.
LDP manages medium to long-term training
projects where LDP selects the training providers, holds
both internal and external communication with different
stakeholders, designs customized templates for each
program and evaluates the training intervention.
You take part in a workshop during
which you learn how to manage training
projects, design as well as use evaluations
and projects templates.